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Los Quemados - Book I - The Shadow of Don Quixote [F M STUTZ] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A bombing in a tiny village in the.
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Published August 31, Marc antony Cutler. Published June 5, Follow them on Twitter: plake Visit their website. View their blog. I found it a fascinating and thoroughly satisfying read then and equally if not more so the second time I read it. It is a richly crafted story with engaging dialogue and characters of depth. The Flaming Chicken and other Tales on Feb. I would enjoy reading more mis adventures of Bubba and Freddy. The Pecan Stand on May 06, This is truly a fantastic read. David Mark Brown. Revolution Device. Leszli Kalli. Heart of the World. Linda Barnes. Survival Course. Warren Murphy.

The Betrayal Game. David L. By the Lake of Sleeping Children. Luis Urrea. Cruising for Death. The Specialist.

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Charles Peterson Sheppard. Making the Rules. Doranna Durgin. Into Light. The Missionary. A History of Violence. Oscar Martinez. Cold Warrior. Patriot Trap. Raymond Duncan. Ted Conover. Do They Know I'm Running? David Corbett. Crossing the Line. Clinton McKinzie. The Name of Death. Klester Cavalcanti. Black Eagles. Larry Collins. Patti Sheehy.

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A bunch of hats fly away! Much danger is involved because each one represents something: vanity, invisibility, darkness, luxury, greed, meanness… and she has a limited time to do so. Luckily, he is not eating human blood anymore but spinach and lentils. Isha knows that her parents love her, but she has difficulty coping with with her friends because she has been adopted.

Rita is really annoyed because since her brother appeared in that TV sitcom, he does not care about her and moreover, thousands of teenage fans follow him everywhere. Where is that good old brother she used to have? A novel about sibling relationships and social conscience.

The boy will have to get used to a new life style, a whole different world of music, and will discover his real origin. An amazing touching story for a great range of readers. A black bird attacks two school girls on the ski trail and the strange mark that it leaves on each of their throats leads them to a dangerous adventure to solve a mystery from the past.

Death fascinates people. This is the reason why an armament multinational created Death Park, a theme amusement park dedicated to death. The aim was to improve their social image. Everything seemed perfect until…. Someone told Sonia that her older sister would stop harassing her when she found a boyfriend. So she decides to look out for one. But maybe not the best way. A war always carries a loss. For Marcel, it meant his house, his youth countryside, his first love and specially his innocence. But love is always a hope. A touching story about how a boy overcame war. He writes both for adults and children, and he also acts as a scriptwriter for TV and cinema.

Jorge George is an introvert and intelligent child who likes to think about the exact meaning of words and phrases. This is quite normal as he has grown up feeling a high regard for his father, who happens to be an excellent bookseller in love with the work of Georges Perec and its innovative, particular and great relationship with language. Everything starts the day that Aleksandra, his best friend, disappears. Jorge is eleven years old and he cannot do much in terms of law or justice, but he feels he had to do something. If Perec was able to build up a palindrome with 1, words, Jorge decides to transform his life into a lipogram: he will not say any word containing the letter A until Aleksandra appears.

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A is the Capital letter of his friend name. With this solemn act of mourning, as either a protest or homage, Jorge will not surrender nor show indifference in front of the situation. Today, she is a literary critic for El Cultural, the literary supplement of. She is the author of an extended narrative work for adults and for young-adults as well, indifferently in Spanish and in Catalan. She has exchanged emails with someone call Marcel because they have read the same book, Its author was enigmatic, reserved: despite being able to communicate so many things to millions of readers, he lived alone.

And, Marcel? Why does he avoid her? Her work has been translated to more than 20 languages including English, German, French, Sweden, Korean or Italian, among others. She has been awarded with the most prestigious literary awards. Maybe his name is not even Marcel. Maybe a longer explanation is necessary, considering that what is essential in life, is invisible to human eyes.

Maybe it is necessary they find out something authentic in the middle of everything to cross the abyss that separates them. Erik Vogler is a young freak obsessed with tidiness and order. An eccentric boy with thin nerves who will prove not be brave at all. Probably the most astonishing young crime novels saga seen in years.

A twist to the paranormal literature mixed with crime fiction. Available in. There will only be boys and girls of my age. No parents, no teachers. Just us and the game. Social networks are not always an easy-going and secure virtual community of friends. They also hold dangers and perhaps even death. For Lia this belief is only a legend until the day she meets Alastair and discovers with him the other face of Edinburgh full of dead and alive.

Both living and those who are not live side by side in a group of friends for who friendship and life is the most important. Can someone be alive and be a ghost at the same time? The best YA fiction by the nowadays top Spanish authors. Novels from any genre: adventures, crime, horror, humor, realism, fantasy, Science-fiction, romanticism or historical are all in our list. Check the awards! They were taking part in the biplane race across the country as every year. What the family ignores is that the plane is also carrying a hidden dangerous freight. Something for which many people would be willing to kill.

Thrilling adventures. A story about identity. Who are we really? Where do we come from? Were we born or has life made us?

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Blood, genetics, countries, cultures, religions… love and hate, wars and internal fights. A book about understanding our family roots.

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  4. el quijote - Buscar con Google | Ilustraciones bellas | Stencil art, Don quixote, Artwork.
  5. An epistolary adventure about a trip a boy undertook to Bolivia to meet his father, which would lead to the discovery of other cultures and the worst side of drugs trafficking as social scourge. A journey through the history of piracy as well as the ins and outs of modern computer piracy surfing the Internet. ISBN: Alejandra mysteriously disappears after a rock concert and never goes back to school. When their classmates start to investigate, they discover a past tragedy that has surfaced once again.

    ISBN: Available in. Nobody ever takes flowers to the English cemetery in San Sebastian Spain. But one afternoon a girl is seen crying over a grave. A familiar legend mystery and the story of a crime which took place nearly a hundred and fifty years ago have modelled her life. Who says things that no one has ever said before? The same heroes of the Second World War reappear almost 60 years later to live, together with some young people of today, an incredible adventure much more horrifying, but at the same time, with a ray of hope.

    Tina and her family were sailing across the Sea of China when the pleasure trip turns into a nightmare. Modern pirates attack the ship and the whole family is taken as prisoners to a lost island that has its fair share of secrets …. A peculiar expedition is sent to the Altay Mountains, an almost unknown natural reserve of the small Republic of Gorno, to deny the rumours and identify the causes of the several suspicious deaths. My name is James and I have worked as a waiter in a brothel, a croupier of a ball roulette, a card sharp, a treasure hunter, a pilferer, a smuggler, a tribal headman, an owner of a casino and even a cinema actor.

    I am in fact, not a good example to follow. Spin off of La cruz del Dorado. Life was peaceful for Jaime, until one hectic day when an enigmatic Inca relic appears and all seems to bust. As of that moment, a murder, fires, attacks and persecutions develop, so once again, Jaime is caught up in a big mess. ISBN: A young Spanish footballer, his girlfriend and his best friend who live in Scotland will be shaken by a mystery that had remained unsolved for centuries: a lost enigmatic relic possessing strange powers and a sect in pursuit of it.

    Fabio lives in a lost village upriver which nobody cares about, and where nothing ever happens. But everything changes the day a police detective arrives to investigate a crime. ISBN: Three friends become involved in a murder case while working in an art essay about an outlandish alcoholic painter whose topics and materials are macabre. Along with the police, they untangle a crime where passions and ambitions mix up. She is run over in the road and wakes up in an unknown place with an aged woman, who will keep her prisoner, for reasons which only her know.

    Three girls find him with a strange look on his face and holding a chocolate paper wrap.

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    My father is a bestselling fashionable crime fiction writer. Women seem to be crazy about him. But problems started when police found him unconscious near the dead body of a woman with whom he had a love relationship. Carola lives in her own world without affection to avoid disappointments. If you ask the staff, anyone can tell you the amazing story that happened not so long ago, the story of a young hotel worker accused of robbery. The brutal murder of the wife and son of an ex NBA famous basketball player shakes the life of a quiet European town.

    Yet, a police inspector will face a highly detailed plot that took years to plan in search of a bitter revenge of youth. Spin off of Muerte a seis veinticino. Same police team has to deal now with a especially macabre double murder. The bodies of two young twin sisters who are police cadets appear in the middle of what happens to be a satanic ritual. But she will soon be tracked down by the hired murder Mr. Kamal will tell us the incredible adventure he lived when everything around him went topsy-turvy. Saddled with the huge responsibility of having to save the world, he will be helped by the outmost incredible characters: squats, punks, freaks, Bollywood dancers, angels, enlightened, obsessed… A hilarious novel.

    Although Niki and his cousin are classmates, they hate each other. Crazy Ideas and his friends. A teenager expects the worst summer of his life when his parents decide to spend Summer holidays at a decadent spa while his friends are at the beach chatting with a bunch of beautiful foreign girls. However, it turns out to be the most intense summer ever. She is famous and pretty but has no trouble if the aim is to raise audiences. Mimi thinks there is no one compared to her. Until the day her mother is allegedly kidnapped and a reality show starts. It is summertime and not many news around, so the event jumps to local press headlines.

    Captain Nobody discovers a gang of criminals who steal big motorbikes to run illegal races. He manages to get involved in it and again with his superhero dress, luck and good heart he will be able to solve the situation. Captain Nobody comes upon a case of real-estate harassment. It is incredible how quick our mind can think. I felt more terrified than ever before. I knew there was a limit to fear, a sort of a deep and strong one that could not become worse. Joanna went back to her home town after some years.

    She is on the cliff carrying a notebook with all her story. Then she was Now darkness has not yet overcome her. A love story that will fight against an ancient spell that is still looking for blood.

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    As every year, six boys meet during the summer solstice night to tell stories. At a table lit by candlelight, a die sets the turn for each boy to tell one terrifying story. Outdoors, a huge thunderstorm will provide the perfect atmosphere. Global warming has caused the seas to rise, flooding most of the previously inhabited areas of Earth and also bringing back a terror once forgotten: Strange beings, monsters and eaten bodies, which will be the main part of this novel.

    But all of a sudden, some family members start dying, one by one, after which their bodies disappear from the family crypt. After losing his wife in a plane crash, John decides to retire to a small town near Worcester in search of peace and quiet. But soon he is shaken by terrible supernatural events that take place inside the old abandoned Blackdawn House.

    A frightening murder has shacken a village near Nottingham. The body appeared without blood, his face torn. Police found on the bloodied clothes an ID card that identified him as a professional fortune teller. Horror stories help humans deal with the atavistic fears that civilization tries to obscure with reason science and social control. But all of us know, even if we try to shut our eyes to them or deny them, that they exist. This work is an open door to believing in magic and in miracles, undertaken by a saintly man, and about the beauty of life.

    It is a path to wonder and hope, to joy and happiness of the people who lived in Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. I was looking for documentation related to my thesis about military orders. I had never imagined that searching, as a History detective, could take me to a distant medieval past and my real contemporary world would change so much. Her imagination gets lost in the battles against Romans, which she actually never experienced and which apparently are now so far away.

    Until the Romans arrive again. Ariadna and Toni have decided to write a novel about the conquest of the New World by the Spanish Army. In the middle of the war between the Roman Empire against the Parthian people, young Flavius gets a place in the legion as a standard bearer. His father wants him to move him away from Christianity, the starting religion he has converted to.

    Max, a young man, falls in love with Margaret, cousin of Edward VI. Unexpectedly an enigmatic woman appears and casts a spell on the bride. ISBN: A very self-confident girl is new to school. She is quite a rebel, provocative, fierce and also really good-looking. Moreover, she arrives followed by a tragedy that makes her more mysterious, more attractive and that makes everybody forgive her attitude: her mother died in a car accident a month ago.

    The renowned Great Prince Magic seems unable to play proper tricks in front its audience, but he still wants to prove himself powerful. His last trick will be bringing a girl in a painting to life. Three different age love stories interlinked with light in paintings. They used to be a group of friends, boys and girls who loved playing together, but not any longer.

    Seventy years later, a teenager, Sira Burg, travels to Berlin looking for Gertude to give her a message from her grandmother. Beatriz disappeared the night before her wedding, apparently wearing with a precious jewel.

    Temples Of The Painted Mind

    Now, the younger members of the families are in love, a forbidden love, unless someone seeks for the truth. I am in love with a girl. Is that so strange? Is it possible to happen at the end of the 20th century between two common, civilized, social human beings who see each other every day in the classroom? Doctors made her live but the price was high: life is not the same since. And as she tries to recover her smile, Sergio appears: he represents hopefulness, maybe love. Fran is shocked when after summer holidays, his school friends seem to have changed; they are suddenly interested in girls while he still prefers to play football, so he is terrified by the thought of becoming an outsider.

    Dusk was just there, when a fishing ship found a swollen bluish body in the sea. Then things get worst and he also finds the girl of his dreams kissing another guy. A few centuries ago, a love story shattered due to misfortune and a terrible curse. Lovers are condemned to find and lose each other because of jealousy and hate. Until the day, perhaps in our time, when a superior power succeeds in breaking the curse.

    Abril is at the airport waiting for the sad big-blue-eyed boy she met seven years ago. Seven years without a single word from him. She has continued with her life and is about to end her degree in Medicine but has never managed to forget him. A Spanish boy travels to California to find the girl he met in a language school when they were just kids. Now, they have both grown up and she has become a very famous singer and an actress star. Ratucape was born with a malformation. Nevertheless, her brother hates her because he blames her for making them orphans.

    The Beast went to drink to the shore. Animals ran away and hid but it was an excellent hunter. In the past medieval times, death and cattle raids prove that the monster is back and a knight is needed to defeat it. Tesa must spend a month at her grandma and greatgrandma big mysterious old flat. Madrid, September After lessons, Laura goes out of her high school and intends to skate back home, but just a few minutes later she finds herself in Lugo What strange strength has made her travel through time and space?

    And why? She was aware of the fact that that journey would be a turning point in her life, but it was in the train where she saw, for the first time, the Grey Man. Alex is fascinated by the work being done to build a new subway station in his neighbourhood, but the discovery of mysterious fossil remains at the site marks the beginning of a series of events that may threaten Alex and his family. But that was the beginning of an incredible adventure I starred which was my first step down to hell.

    A foreigner who has been living for a while in a small village is found drowned near an island.