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My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them [The My Hero Project] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of.
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Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Intelligent Investor, Rev.

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Awaken The Giant Within. The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism. Wisdom 2. Item Added: My Hero. View Wishlist. In My Hero , some of the most prominent heroes and leaders of our time will share, in their own words, their thoughts and stories about the people who have been the greatest source of strength and inspiration to them.

In these uncertain times, these stories about the extraordinary people whose words and deeds made an indelible impression will serve as welcome beacons.

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Find out from Michael J. Fox what sort of career woman would work tirelessly for years only to toss aside the spectacular profession she'd worked so hard and so long to achieve to run his foundation. How did Dana Reeve come to find such grit and grace when her fairy tale prince was thrown from his real-life steed, paralyzed from the neck down?

Chen Si acted quickly and dragged the man back across the steel railing.

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Every weekend, Chen Si uses his free time to patrol the bridge. Riding along on his motorbike, the Nanjing resident keeps a lookout for the telltale signs of depression.

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Watching over the bridge for more than a decade, Chen Si has now saved hundreds of lives. In , a shooter attacked innocent men, women, and children at a Las Vegas music festival. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States, leading to 58 deaths and hundreds of injuries. From the horror emerged stories of great courage. The year-old ushered dozens of people to safety, putting himself in the line of fire. Smith was eventually struck in the arm and neck.

At that point my whole body spun around. Smith was himself saved by an off-duty cop. In quite an extraordinary display, ordinary people throughout the Strip set to work helping each other. Lindsay Lee Padgett used her truck to ferry the wounded to the hospital. Carly Krygier used her own body as a human shield to protect her young daughter.

In , year-old Tilly Smith was vacationing on a beach in Phuket, Thailand, when she made a lifesaving discovery. But Tilly knew that something much greater was at play. Weeks before, Tilly was learning about tsunamis in one of her geography classes. An educational video showed some of the early warning signs: frothing water and a suddenly receding tide.

Tilly pleaded with her family to abandon the beach. Her father, Colin Smith, trekked back to the hotel to warn the staff. But the Surrey girl had a much harder time convincing her mother, Penny, of the impending danger. There is definitely going to be a tsunami. The Smith family sought refuge at their hotel, just minutes before the tsunami hit.

The tsunami was triggered by an earthquake just off the coast of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. An ensuing barrage of tsunamis devastated vast areas of Southeast Asia and killed nearly , people.

My Hero: Extraordinary People on the Heroes Who Inspire Them

Annie Lobert has not had an easy life. During her teen years, she started out working as an escort and exotic dancer. In a bid to make even more money, Lobert moved to Sin City with her boyfriend. Then everything changed. She quickly found herself trapped in the sex-trafficking industry and ended up taking drugs. After five grueling years of abuse, Lobert escaped her pimp boyfriend. In , Lobert was taken to a hospital after a cocaine overdose. The incident forced Lobert to take stock of her life.

She vowed to use her belief in God to help other sex workers find a new path.

20th Annual Heroes Breakfast Honors Extraordinary People

Sex trafficking in the United States is a multimillion-dollar enterprise. The International Labor Organization estimates that 4.

When Phyllis Omido started working at an iron-smelting factory in Kenya, little did she know that her own health was at risk. The EPZ refinery, where Omido worked, used to extract lead from old car batteries. The news was dire. Instead, she was removed from the project. Because Omido was breastfeeding at the time, it is believed the lead was passed on via her breast milk.

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Phyllis quit her job and began investigating health concerns within Owino Uhuru—the slum where the EPZ refinery was based. Mounting pressure forced the closure of over a dozen smelting factories across Kenya. In , Omido was the recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize. The young mother has now brought a class-action lawsuit against the Kenyan government.