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I could not put it down. The story is about a young English woman who travels to s Russia to become a governess. Family drama and romance ensues. The book was published in and there are two other books attached for a trilogy. The writing reminds me of the older Betty Neels HQ novels but with a historical twist. They are non-explicit but full of melodrama, which I was very much in the mood for. I also have her other titles outside of the Kuragin series and will be indulging in those for the rest of the month.

Or is that just me projecting my desires to the world? I was thinking of rereading V. Judy: Do you ever visit the Dear Author blog?

Little light on book reading this month due to me undergoing healing from a huge cancer globule. The Ex-Princess by Fiona West stood out from the pack so far. As much as I enjoyed the story as a whole funny, interesting, and smart , I think what really made it shine for me was the representation of chronic illness. There was no magic cure to enrage me, just a nuanced take on the challenges of dealing with the day in and day out issues.

Not just the physical, but the emotional toll as well. It was 99 cents where I am, and it looks as though it still is at the time of this writing. Thanks for the information! Why did I wait so long to start this? It was so good. Part of what I loved about this book was the friendship between the young characters, especially the karaoke scene.

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I decided several weeks ago that I was only reading authors of color this summer because my kindle shelves are way too monochromatic as in about a hundred shades of white. I got just what I deserved, fierce and complex writing that made me think where have you been? Because you are in the keeper shelf! I hope this spoiler stuff works….

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Weaver seems invested in keeping that pain alive for Amory. On a positive note, Amory seems to be highly skilled at compartmentalizing.

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All right, onto the books, one of which I finished while hanging out in the ER with the aforementioned daughter. I had heard of The Poet X and knew it had won a bunch of awards, but I also had heard that it was written in verse and poetry tends to be kind of hard for my brain, so this book, which was not written in verse, was a much better entry point to her writing for me.

And I loved it. I loved this portrayal of a resourceful, intelligent teen mother who is handling her responsibilities and doing what needs to be done to accomplish her goals and raise her child.

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It was such a lovely read, and oh, yeah, the recipes the main character is an aspiring chef. Loved it. I liked the two main characters, and enjoy a small-town, but it took a bit to get going. Once it did, it was good, and the interactions between characters were enjoyable. It was a story being told by Aphrodite to her husband Hephaestus during what amounts to a trial, and focuses on two couples that she works to bring together and protect during WWI.

You also hear from a few other gods, including Ares predictably, an arrogant, short-sighted ass , Apollo the closest thing to a neutral party in the proceedings , and Hades portrayed as understanding and compassionate, and probably my favorite narrative voice in the book. It really was just beautiful writing. I then burned through The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey easy to do, I spent about four hours at a courthouse honoring a juror summons before they cut me loose. It was very interesting, and the culture and setting and how they affected the investigative process and the mystery was engaging.

I finished it was just as I was finishing Stranger Things sob, I need more , and needed what basically amounted to more YA horror. It had a nice combination of body horror and government conspiracies, but I found the ending a bit abrupt. Till next time, watch the library door and protect the toes. KateB, I am a huge Mitford Maven! I have been struggling to finish books, even books that are good. Certain current events are too upsetting and distracting. So it dragged for me until he showed up, which luckily was just a few chapters in. You can also watch the dubbed version, but I found the bad voice acting made that version impossible to watch.

It deals with the mystery of missing kids and strange happenings in a small German town. I stayed up way too late one night then ignored all the things I should have done the next day to binge both seasons. By posting a comment, you consent to have your personally identifiable information collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy. Or it could just be the heat turning my brain into utter mush! Anyway, what have you all been reading? We want to know all the details! Categorized: General Bitching Tagged: whatcha reading , reader recommendations , reader recs.

KateB says:. July 13, at am. Deborah says:. Lostshadows says:. Carol S says:. DonnaMarie says:. HeatherT says:. Jennifer Estep says:. Ren Benton says:. DiscoDollyDeb says:. CelineB says:. SusanH says:. July 13, at pm. Barb Wi8smer says:. JJB says:. JenM says:. Lace says:. AmyS says:. The tour is being sponsored by Isabella White.

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The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it. Romance Novel Giveaways Jun. I enjoy reading, writing, playing the piano, cross-stitching, hanging with friends, and Grad School!! I'm studying to get my Master's in Clinical Mental Health and plan on being a therapist. It'd be awesome if I could one day become published!!

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  8. Until then, I'll do my best to help out others in need and write on the side. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

    Notify me of new posts via email. I'm a grad student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling! I can't wait to finish school and become a therapist! In my free time I read, write stories, and watch a crazy amount of Netflix! Check out my creative writing if you'd like: fantasywriter Blog at WordPress. Shaye leaned closer and replied, his glowing eyes Trudging into the bathroom, I flick the switch.

    Another dream. Steadying myself against the cool ceramic sink, eyes blurry, still exhausted, I try to focus on the figure in the mirror. Heartbreak is written with a single tear sliding down my cheek. When my eyes close I see hers, Katherine has seen her share of trouble in life.

    Now, she's on the mend. Or so she thinks. Garden of Eden Therapy Center: "And remember, it works if you work it. Say it with me, everyone. It works if you work it. It works if you work it After the meeting ended, she trudged She had to hold the dress down against her legs when the breeze shifted to gust. The dress was white, mostly white, red trim on the edges; creamy candy cane, but rung with vanilla and cherry; and her fingernails were painted dark blue and the tone of her skin was a tanned olive, and her hand began to release the dress but the gust came again and this time the dress escaped and her act of He was cold.

    He was naked. He was stiff and sore. He was in a bathtub. Uncoiling himself was a process. He caught a whiff of himself and recoiled.

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    8. What had happened? He reached over and started working the pump. In sputtering bursts seawater came flowing into the tub. There is no way of telling which girl you meet is a slut and those that are not. Some are cute like Barbie, some act like a princess, others are shy or wear nerdy glasses. Most don't advertise their lust. Occasionally, you meet a girl where the odds are in a guy's favor. Trish was one of those and every guy sitting around her knew it. Seated in the bleacher seats at Wrigley Field in POV: Josh "Seriously, man, what the hell was going on last night?

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      When I was sixteen, I was sent to a private boarding school to study for my A-levels. The school was run by two sisters, both in their late thirties. Being aged sixteen to eighteen, and with a restricted syllabus, The summer leading into my first year of college was when my innocent horniness ended. For weeks, I'd wondered how I ought to pop my cherry before meeting college boys and needing experience to do them the way they wanted to be done.

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