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xMas xChange is a free Secret Santa generator with advanced options for sophisticated groups, with notification and wish list management tools.
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Continue playing until all your co-workers have a gift in hand! You'll be surprised how the anxiety of the dwindling timer brings concentration and laughs. And hey, when you're out, at least you're out with a gift. Have a small-ish office?

Xmas Xchange

This could be the perfect game. All you need is a pair of dice and a rule sheet print out. Have everyone come prepared with a gift, obviously. From there, roll the dice one at a time. The number your land on comes with instructions that dictates the fate of your present. OK, we all know and love Secret Santa. It's like having a secret admirer, except not. Gather all the presents, with the recipients' names on them, in the center of the conference room table. Once everyone has and has opened their gift, it's time to guess who was the undercover Santa. The guessing game has the potential to get very interesting, and therefore hilarious.

Similar to Hot Potato's significance in our past, musical chairs provides a lot of anxious fun. But this iteration of the game crowns everyone a winner due to all the awesome gifts up for grabs. Press play on classic Holiday tunes and circle the chairs until the music stops. Last person standing gets a gift.

This is a game you might actually want to lose. Make this game unique to your office by setting a theme for presents! How well do you know your co-workers? This is a great way to find out — or learn a little fun fact about one of your cubicle-mates. Have your most enthusiastic co-worker host. When everyone brings a gift in, it'll be marked with a number and you'll be given a paper with that same number on it.

Write down a fun fact about yourself. The fact paper will go into a hat and the host will read off the facts.

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Not that anyone tried to dissuade her or even minded. In fact, it had become Raven's traditional role to follow the princess around the room, levitating the impressive 'Trunk of Festivity' behind her. In the middle of this glittering, shining display, next to a tree so heavy-laden with trinkets Cyborg seriously though about reinforcing the floor, the Titans sat in a blissful oasis of calm, a time of rest from their typically chaotic lives. Even Beast Boy, though full of joy, were happy to bask in the simple atmosphere of togetherness.

There were laughs and smiles and hugs as gifts were exchanged, and Raven found her gaze lingering on Beast Boy, as did her thoughts. It won't last but There will be change", she thought. In the pocket of her comfortable and delightfully unfashionable pajamas, she clenched a small box in surpisingly tense fingers.

Facebook's "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" Is a Scam - Facebook Gift Scam

He might just laugh and throw it back in my face. Maybe he wouldn't want to be with me Giving the box an appraising glance, he took it, and gently opened it. He looked up at her, wide-eyed, then back down. Then back at her. And Raven's stomach twisted as he laughed. From Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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